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June & July 2021

It's been a remarkably quiet month on the storm-front in Devon the last two months. Disappointing despite the number of troughs and low pressure we've had. But this goes to show that the southwest really struggles to develop home-grown surface storms. We need elevated plumes down here, or a rare unstable northeasterly flow. Something we haven't had many of thus far. July 23rd onwards looks promising though...

Instead, I have focussed my efforts on time-lapsing interesting convective sea-breeze/peninsula convergence, something we in the southwest see frequently due to being on a long landmass (i.e. a peninsula!) stuck out in the middle of the cold Atlantic. Take a look:



May 2021

Storm season is upon us again, where the over-wintered cold atmosphere begins to warm up and destabilise in spectacular fashion. Although so far it's been too-overwintered. Need some Spanish Plumes, it's nearly June! This year I have this new website (still under active construction), made some new friends in the chaser community, and aquired some new equipment. The main piece of kit I want to try this year is a Zoom H4n Pro audio recorder, for studio-grade 96Khz 141dB shotgun thunder. This comes after years of being underwhelmed with the distortion of built-in microphones, and the sense of being underwater from pro vocal mics. Field tests (by others) have proven this to be a worthy tool. Alongside a Sony AX53 and DSLR, I have also upgraded my phone to an S21, so hoping to try slow-mo HD video on some unsuspecting lightning. Need more tripods...

So far so good.. a low-topped (minimal lightning) supercell went right over my head 11th May, page here (T0119); didn't realise it was a supercell until it pulled away with jaw-dropping structure and a dancing mesocyclone in the distance. Tornado damage reported in Cullompton in the direction I was pointing the camera, may have sneaked the actual funnel in there somewhere. Take a look:

I've also just learnt (after 27 years of lightning stalking) about Crown Flashes/Leaping Sundogs. Had to add it as a pseudo-lightning type after struggling to believe what I was seeing (ice crystals acting like iron filings showing off a thunderstorm's electric field structure). See Lightning Types page.




Mark Seltzer  www.electricsky.co.uk

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